These 5 mutual funds have performed fair even in declining markets.


Consistent Performing Equity-Based Mutual Funds 

Every prudent investor always puts its best to invest their money with the highest returns while keeping an eye on risk factors. Although, the risk can’t be fully eliminated from investing business especially from equity-based mutual funds yet consistent return can indicate the low quantum of inherent risks. Some mutual funds have been listed below based upon consistent performance.  

Axis Bluechip Fund – Direct(G) 

Aimed at long-term capital appreciation this large-cap focused fund has generated consistent performance since inception and have outperformed Nifty-50 benchmark index. It has generated around 15% since inception. While five, three, two and one year(s) returns are 12.04%, 13.73%, 12.36%, 2.18% respectively. 

Axis Small Cap Fund – Direct(G)  

This another entry from Axis group is also aimed at long-term capital appreciation but focused on small caps in equity. This fund has also succeeded in consistently surpassing returns of Nifty-50 benchmark index and has generated 21.64% returns since inception. Its five, three, two and one year(s) returns are 13.73%, 10.06%, 8.06% and 3.38% respectively. 

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund  – Direct(G) 

This fund is aimed at generating long-term capital appreciation through equities without any sectoral bias or size consideration and targeting companies with strong growth potential and good fundamental available at reasonable pricing. This fund has managed to achieve return more than the Nifty-50 benchmark index. It has generated 17.39% returns since inception. Its three, two and one year(s) returns are 14.64%, 7.70%, and -1.27% respectively. 

Mirae Asset Emerging Blue Chip Fund – Direct (G) 

This fund has generated 22.57% returns since inception and invests minimum 35% to large caps and 35% to mid-caps. The performance of this fund overtime is well consistent and up to mark with benchmark Nifty-50 index. 

Aditya Birla Sun Life GenNext Fund – Direct (G) 

This fund bet on Indian Growth Story and focused on investments in companies which can grow with the growing consumption by the young generation. It has generated a 16.02% return on investment since inception and boasts a positive performance deviation from benchmark BSE 500 index.

All return are based on NAVs as on 30th August 2019.


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